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(Version 1.2, Last updated: 2014-01-13)
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DocX Viewer is a handy tool for viewing Word 2007,2010 document without any version of MS Word.

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What for

Many users haven't upgraded their MS Word to 2007, and some have no Word installed at all. But they may receive Word 2007,2010 document in docx format from outside. This tool is designed for them to have a look on these docx files.



DocX Viewer can work well on most Windows XP,Vista,7 and 2000/NT.

No need of any MS Word

DocX Viewer is an independent tool, which will convert DocX into HTML and show it in an internal web browser.

No need of XML parser

Bypassing slow XML parser, Direct DocX technology implements high speed parsing and conversion.


  1. Light. This 600KB program can view the files as MS WordViewer which is 50MB of size does.
  2. Fast. With Epingsoft's Direct DocX technology, it works ten times faster than OpenXML Viewer(on Firefox) and much faster than MS Word Viewer.
  3. Accurate. You will see much more accurate layout and appearance than Google's "view as HTML" and OpenXML Viewer.


DocX Viewer already award two 5-star and one 4-star ratings on

  • Aminsumon : Excellent piece of docx viewer. Free, small, portable.
    From the bottom of my heart I thank the developers associated with this software as it allow me to read docx file within less than a minute without going through painful new installation of ms word 2007.
  • Alfonsodag : A quick solution for viewing docx files
    Small download size Minimal complexity,...This small and simple application downloaded fast and installed easily and worked the first time. I was able to view the docx attachment. Thank you Wonder Studio!
  • TruRevu : DocX Viewer works
    Thanks to epingsoft, the docx format is no problem for people running legacy office applications... This is a simple program that works, doesn't clutter the registry, doesn't try to "phone home" and contains no malware.