About chapter and HTML splitting

Generally, ePub need to be split into small HTML files, it can be split freely, but splitting on chapters is the way ePub Maker adopts.

There are at least three reasons to split,

You need to insert section breaks in Word so that ePub Maker can split chapters automatically for you.

There're some other things to notice,

Following "chapter" means ePub chapter, it can be or not be literal chapter of your book.

From A Word Document

ePub Maker(from 1.1) can split Word HTML on section breaks. So inserting section breaks between chapters will make ePub chapters naturally.

If the split function is disabled(in advanced tab) or there's no section break in the Word document, the document will be converted to one big HTML file, so no chapter information then.

Check up "Auto create chapter title" and select "from first heading" if you have set headings in each chapter, (title should be set as the first heading format in MS Word)

From Multi HTML Files

ePub chapter can be the same as book chapter or not. It depends on whether you put each chapter in a HTML file.