After Making

Edit Source Code

You can edit the source code to solve problems and perfect ePub.

You can edit these items by clicking Menu/Edit after the epub is made:

Style Template

After 1.73, ePub Maker allow user to modidy the style template file, so that user can define there own global styles for all books.

The file path is ePubMakerPath\lib\OPS\style.css, user can change the default styles for paragraph and links. This style file will override the styles in Word document. This is only for professional user who knows well about CSS.



After edit, you must re-compile the epub to create modified ePub, and should not "Make ePub" again(or source code will be re-generated and your modification will lost!)


ePub Maker can invoke EpubCheck to validate current or any specified ePub file.

There're two menu items in the Tools menu,


About EpubCheck

EpubCheck is a free tool. It's not embedded in ePub Maker. ePub Maker only provide a method for Windows user to invoke EpubCheck and post the checking result without any modification.

The result, no matter apt or confusing, has nothing to do with ePub Maker, user can seek advice from EpubCheck provider or consulting service provider.

Official EpubCheck site is


ePub Maker can not guarantee the ePub quality if it's manually edited, editing function should be only used by professional users or experts.

Epingsoft can not provide free service on manually edited ePub, such as error checking, explanation, workaround and correction.

Epingsoft can not provide free consulting service on EpubCheck error message with non-ePub Maker produced ePub.