ePub TOC

About ePub TOC

External TOC vs Internal TOC

External TOC is a feature and advantage of ePub, especially comapring to Mobi. External TOC can be easily accessed everywhere, readers needn't go back to TOC page to switch. Traditionall TOC page is totally unnecessary in ePub.

MS Word can generate internal TOC automatically, but it's useless and even problematic for ePub. We hope user do not use this Word feature. If it already created, please remove it.

ePub Maker from 1.4 will keep internal TOC from Word, only for special use, such as for a further conversion to Amazon Kindle.

TOC List vs TOC Tree

ePub TOC can be a simply list or a complex nested tree. Currently, ePub Maker can only generate TOC list automatically on these considerations,

You can edit the toc file (toc.ncx) to rearrange it, i.e. you can nest your items manually, please reference Eidt

Generating TOC

ePub Maker can generate TOC automatically if things are arranged properly in Word.

Here's the steps how ePub Maker generate TOC from chapter titles in Word,

  1. ePub Maker tries extracting the chapter title from the first heading from each split HTML(chapter).
  2. Extracted chapter titles show in main list ePub Maker, each item can be edited.
  3. ePub Maker generates TOC from the main list tiems.
TOC List and Chapter Splitting

ePub Maker adopts a simple policy that binds chapter, HTML splitting and TOC llist generation.

TOC structure bases on HTML splitting, that means, each split HTML is an item in TOC. Since HTML splitting bases on section breaks in Word, You can use section breaks in Word to control your TOC itmes in ePub.

Here's a simple table illustrating the structure of ePub TOC on sections in Word and the relations between Word chapter title and ePub TOC items, and listed in ePub TOC, all automatically by ePub Maker.

Word sectionWord headingePub HTML filenameePub TOC item
section 1Titlebookname_1.htmTitle
section 2Prefacebookname_2.htmPreface
section 3Chapter Ibookname_3.htmChapter I
section 4Chapter IIbookname_4.htmChapter II
section nChapter Nbookname_n.htmChapter N
TOC item auto-Extraction

In order to make ePub Maker can extract TOC automatically, you must arrange your chapter in Word properly

If there's no heading in a chapter, ePub Maker will use the split HTML file name instead.

You can enable this automation by checking up "Auto Extract chapter title" and select "from first heading" if they are disabled.

You need to arrange/organize Word document by applying heading styles to make this automation effect.

You can have other headings in a chapter, only the first heading will be extracted.

Word style Heading 1,2,3 supported.

If you don't want the first heading as chapter title, please input manually in ePub Maker.

From Multi HTML Files

ePub chapter can be the same as book chapter or not. It depends on whether you put each chapter in a HTML file.