ePub Maker on Win 10
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ePub Maker Runs Smoothly On Win 10

Thanks to Windows' perfect compatibility, ePub Maker can run smoothly on Windows 10 without any modification.

Here's the screenshot.

ePub Maker is running on Win 10

ePub can be previewed directly on Win 10

There's a built-in ePub reader within the new broweser - Edge, which comes together with Windows 10. This reader is elegant and powerful, it can even read you book aloud, see the screeshots below.

The reader winthin Edge

It's reading...

If you click the blue link on ePub Maker when you finished your conversion, Edge will popup, load and open the epub book automatically. That is, on Windows 10, you needn't install a third party ePub reader as a previewer.

Just click the link.