How to activate ePub Maker

This a detailed guide to activate ePub Maker with a license. Customers who have difficulties in activation please read carefully.

Install activable version

Before activation you need,
  1. Uninstall previous trial version you installed, because it can not be activated.
  2. Download standard version from the link in the license email, and install it.

Input license

  1. Save the license file "epubmaker.lic" (in the attachment of the license email we sent) to a place on your PC and remember the place.
  2. Run ePub Maker, click License in the last item of menu Help, then a file dialog will appear.
  3. Explore in the dialog and find the license file ePubMaker.lic in the place where you saved it in step 1.
  4. Click "Open" or "OK" on the dialog to confirm this file.
  5. A successful meassage of "Thanks" will appear, just close it.
  6. Close ePub Maker and Reopen it, you will find the trial information diappeared. And you can open Help/About to see your license information.