How to Update ePub Maker

This a detailed guide for purchased user to update ePub Maker with a license.

Update to the Newest Version

Before update please do test the trial version first to see if it works for you

  1. Redownload trial version from the link on website.
  2. Install the new version into any folder except your previous version folder.
  3. Run the program, test it first, to see if there's problem in the new version.

After test, you can update your standard version,

  1. Redownload from the link inside your license email.
  2. Install the new version into the same folder to voerride the previous version.
  3. Run the program, the update completed.

The link on website and inside license email will always link to the newest available version. And there will be full version number in the name of download file, such ePubMaker1.73.exe, and the deailed version number will show on the installation interface, while on ePub Maker, it will on show the major version number, such as 1.7

Update Notification

Do you really need to update

Want some old version?

You may want some old version, such as when the newest version has some bug, and you just updated, and lost your previous old version. No problem, just write to us, we will send the link in email.