PC ePub Reader


Why nightmode not applied on some books?
Yes, not all books can be applied with night mode successfully. It depends on the quality of book, how it defined the styles. If the color of font or background are defined fixed in the book, then night mode will not take effect or dispaly not correctly.
I can see only a dark page when I turned on night mode.
That's because the text color are already fixed as black in the book, while night mode changed the background to black but can not change the text color into white. So for such books, night mode can not work.
When I pressed right arrow for next chapter, but it moved to the middle of a chapter.
The left/right arrows can switch to previous/next chapter when the chapters are split well as separated files. If the books files structure is different from chapter structure, such as several chapters in one file or one chapter in different files, (of course, they are bad design) the arrows can only take you to previous next file.
Font size not changed when I press Ctrl +/-
If the book uses absolute fixed font size, the font size may not be changed.