Mobi Maker Examples

Here are some simple examples of making mobi by Mobi Maker.

All manuscripts were downloaded from internet and edited for the need of ebook.

Example 1: Advanced Example

Word document:

Mobi book:

This word document contains aligned images, tables, charts from data, and many practical formatting. They are not supported or converted properly in previous Mobi Maker and even ePub Maker,(actually not supported by previous Mobi format and many ePub ereaders) but now in Mobi Maker2 they are all implemented (on all devices support Kindle Format 8).

A financial report from Word to Kindle

Please reference New Features of Mobi Maker 2

A illustration from Word to Kindle

Example 2: A Christmas Carol

Mobi book:

Source(Word document and cover image):

Settings of Mobi Maker(Default settings)

  • Auto split Word HTML on section break
  • Auto Extract Chapter Title - from first heading

This is originally an old example for ePub Maker, which contains the simplest formattings and structure. But here, we have made a little improvement to make it fit Kindle. All modifications are corresponding to the features of Kindle(e-ink).

  • Give up different fonts in Word document, for Kindle doesn't support fonts. Add Italic formatting for some special part originally distinguished by other font.
  • Rearrange spacing for some headings, because Kindle only supports some fixed spaces, such as one line, two line, there's no precise space like 1.5 line or 8px.
  • Change the author font size smaller to make book title looks larger. The size difference between headings(such as heading 1 and heading 2)is so unobvious. And Kindle show headings in a fixed size, font size on headings simply has no effect.