Powerful New Features

Thanks for the new Kindle Format 8, more powerful and useful contents can be implemented on Kindle devices. Mobi Maker 2 connects powerful MS Word content with Kindle practically, providing a feasible way from Word to Kindle with more professional contents.

  1. Tables Table support maybe one of the most useful new features in Kindle Format 8. Table support is near perfect comparing to bad implementation of ePub. Tables in Word can be converted and viewed on Kindles exactly with borders and other original design. The only thing you need to consider is the target screen size, avoid to use big table or wide table.

    A financial report with complex table converted from Word
    (screenshot is from Kindle Previewer,
    effect on real device is much better)
  2. Charts in MS Word will be exported into Mobi Maker as images in GIF or PNG format, not perfect as vector format, but feasible and practical, this provide a good way to show your commercial data chart on Kindles. In Kindle Format 8, floating(aligned) images are supported, now you can export them to Kindle as original.
  3. Fonts Mobi Maker 2 converts Word static font sizes into relative font size system, so that your book can be read in the same or similar appearance on various Kindle devices. Moreover, with Mobi Maker's font classification, you can have at least three different font types in your book. Comparing to previous Mobi format, font adaptation system is important and necessary for Kindle Format 8 export. And it's the most important improvement in Mobi Maker 2.

Properly aligned images and tables make illustrationed book looks much better.

With these new supported features, you can use Mobi Maker 2 to create more professional books from MS Word.