Options - Export

Items on Export tab affect the result of Mobi file, and they only take effect during "Make".


Global Paragraph Style

If your book hasn't defined a proper style or you want to override the style from your original manuscript, you can apply any of these style items.

The applied style work for default paragraphs, original styles will be overridden(replaced). But for paragraphs styled with some class, the global style will take effect if there's no definition in the class, or the class style is prior.

Please know that KF8 and traditional Mobi format have complete contrary default settings on paragraphs.

Default Paragraph Styles on Kindle Formats
ItemsMobi 7KF8
IndentIndentedNo Indent
SpacingNoA Blank Line

So you should define the paragraph style explicitly, if you want traditional style in KF8, otherwise, you want the modern style, you can leave it as default.


Mobi Maker generates TOC automatically. It relies on the section list from split HTMLs.

About TOC generation please see TOC.