Mobi TOC

Auto Mobi TOC generation

Mobi format adopts traditional internal TOC (comparing to ePub's external TOC). Mobi Maker can both reserve TOC in Word and create an internal TOC automatically.

If your TOC can be in a list instead of a tree, we recommend creating it in Mobi Maker, for Word generated TOC have bugs for Kindle(or it's bug of Kindle)

The heading extracted from each chapter will be the default TOC list item

TOC and Chapter Splitting

Mobi Maker adopts a simply policy on chapter, HTML splitting and TOC list generation.

TOC list items will be created automatically on HTML splitting, that means, each split HTML is an item in TOC, thus each chapter can be accessed from TOC as well as book heading, preface, appendix, notes(if they are split well with section breaks in Word)

TOC Item auto-Extraction

Mobi Maker will try extracting each TOC item from the first heading from each split HTML(chapter), so assigning a heading style to the title of each chapter will put this title into TOC automatically. Such as if a chapter title is "Chapter I" then in TOC, there will be an item of "Chapter I".

For more complex chapter title, such as a chapter title as "Chapter I" then a sub title "Something", you can assign heading only to the one you want it show in TOC, "Chapter I" or "Something".

Extracted TOC/chapter name can be edited in Mobi Maker, such as, you can also add "I. " in Mobi Maker to the extracted "Something", thus it would be "I. Something".

If there's no heading in the chapter, Mobi Maker will use the split HTML file name instead, then you can input the chapter title in Mobi Maker.

The TOC shows in the Kindle previewer

Customize TOC

TOC Title You can specify the toc page title in the setting tab, default value is "Contents", you can change it to "TOC","Table of Contents", anything you want.

TOC Position You can specify the position of the TOC page by selecting the number of TOC insert position in the setting tab, default value is 1, that means, generated TOC will be the first page, you can change the number to move TOC to other position. The number is according to the list of split HTML files. Such as, if you want to add the TOC just after the first section (title page) you can change the number to 2.